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Is Your Door Ready To Be Opened?

Written By: mirrror - Jul• 20•12

I have been very fortunate to be “in the loop” when new projects are about to launch. My last success has netted me over $100,000 and it resulted from a friend on skype telling me that I needed to check out this opportunity right now… and I followed through on it immediately.stockvault do not disturb sign on door131466 thumb Is Your Door Ready To Be Opened?

stockvault welcome sign on door131469 thumb Is Your Door Ready To Be Opened?I had told hundreds of my friends about this opportunity, and because of the way I delivered the information or the timing of things in their lives, they hesitated by about a day, and they lost out on a huge potential business. Of course, if I had known more about how to position my own signups, I would have made it much more profitable for both myself and the new signups. Now I understand the dynamics a lot better, and I would do it (and I am doing it) differently.

In any case, when an opportunity knocks, you should be prepared to rip the door off the hinges to open it. Don’t let it get away, because when you are ready and the opportunity comes around, you will see some real magic happen.

This week, two opportunities knocked on my door. I had to decide whether I was going to answer the door or put out the do not disturb sign. I decided to open the door.

The two opportunities are both very lucrative, by the way, and will not conflict with each other in any way – which means I can promote both without having any issues.

So what are these opportunities?

I can tell you about one of them. It is an affiliate program for a software program that everyone who does anything with a computer needs. One of my friends figured out a way to make $150 commissions on a $6 product. I was intrigued, and now I am excited about it. This really is an easy way to generate an extra income. Check out the video here: http://ultimate.cashblueprintblog.com/earn-500-a-day-the-easy-way/

The second opportunity requires that you sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before we can tell you about it. If you are serious about opening the door to an opportunity, fill out this NDA and open a support ticket at http://replytomicheal.com

We will send you the link to get more info once you have filled out the NDA. We are doing this manually, so please be patient.

Have You Backed Up Your Income Streams?

Written By: mirrror - Jul• 18•12

In online marketing, income streams are crucial to keeping the proverbial head above water. But what if something happened and you lost access to everything on your computer? Would your income streams continue to work for you? Or would you have a tough time accessing important documents and emails?

Let’s discuss how we can prevent catastrophic losses to our valuable data.

  1. Move your email to Gmail. Stop downloading your emails to your hard drive! Your hard drive takes a lot of abuse, and one power surge could take your data and scramble it up faster than Humpty Dumpty’s brains after a fall! Gmail has redundant data centers all over the world, and the backups of the backups mean that you will be able to find that login url by doing a quick search.
    Gmail is free and you get almost unlimited space for your email. You can import all of your previous emails and reply to emails using the email address that the message was sent to.
  2. Use online document storage like Google Docs or Windows Live. These are great ways to keep your documents safe and away from your main computer. The online editing programs are almost as good as the ones you use on your computer, but you can always work on them on your PC or MAC and then store them on the Google Drive. Other services are also available to give you an online storage space for your documents.
  3. Use an Antivirus program to protect your files and your hard drive. Too many times I receive emails telling me that if I get an email from Bill Gates that says “You Just Won Free Software For Life,” that it is really a virus and I will lose my hard drive if I open the email…
    I use Avast Antivirus free edition, and it has saved my butt many a time.
  4. Back up your PC or MAC’s hard drive daily. Purchase an external hard drive and some backup software and take the time to do a nightly backup.

Yeah, I do 2 out of 3 myself… number 3 was always my downfall, until I ran into MYPCBackup… it made it impossible for me to forget to back up my PC. I just install the software on my computer, and then tell the program which files or folders to back up and what time to start backing them up. That way, it does not interfere with my work schedule – yes, I actually call what I do on my computer work…

Check out the deal they are offering now…


mypcbackup Have You Backed Up Your Income Streams?MyPCBackup is the newest sponsor of Blogging With Micheal, my popular weekly Internet Radio Show. Consequently, I purchased a copy of this myself (I got the Unlimited plan with an extra license for my laptop) to make sure that this was a good enough product to offer on Blogging With Micheal.

Income Stream From The Backup?

Yes, you can actually create a very lucrative income stream from this using a method that one of my friends has developed. He can take a $6 a month product and increase commissions 500 – 700%! Watch the video on this page: http://ultimate.cashblueprintblog.com/earn-500-a-day-the-easy-way/

The Lead Generation Missing Link!

Written By: mirrror - Jul• 01•12

[The Missing Link] The Lead Generation Technique that makes $20,000 a week

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Affiliate Marketing 3.0

Written By: mirrror - Nov• 07•11

Prepare to be SHOCKED, because affiliate
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This short report tells you about the
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The first two generations of affiliate
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On November 14, these guys are going to
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Here’s your sneak preview of why this is
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To your success,

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Try Evergreen Business System For A Buck

Written By: mirrror - Aug• 11•11

Let me ask you this… if a product is supposed to be evergreen, how can the doors close to it?

The Evergreen Business System gurus have announced that Thursday at midnight the doors to EBS will close for an indefinite time. See the timer on the page:


The product has the name Evergreen in it! So we should be able to promote it all year long… but according to the EBS people, over 2000 people have signed up and are setting up their accounts. They are worried that they may not be able to sustain such a huge influx of users without having an overload in the support department.

So they have put a countdown timer, and when it reaches 00:00:00, you won’t be able to purchase EBS… no matter how much you beg.

Which also means that my bonus expires when that timer reaches zero!


As a bonus for Evergreen Business System, I am offering one year of coaching with Yvonne and I , where we will work with you one hour each week to get your product ready to sell, to get your webinar ready to go live and to work with you every step of the way so that you are not all by yourself trying to figure it all out!

But you can only get it if you grab Evergreen Business System through our link before the timer reaches 00:00:00!


A bunch of the EBS bonuses are being removed as soon as the timer reaches zero!

** But here is what you may NOT know **

1) - Page Comes Down Today!

EBS is coming off the market today, THURSDAY,
at Midnight! (if you are late I apologize.)

2) - Get Access for $1

Mike Filsaime is closing today only for
$1 trial. See site for details. Bottom
line is you get to try the software for
7 full days and even build your own
webinar and use it for just $1.



Hey… I could go on and on and tell you why
AUTOMATING your business with perpetual,
and "evergreen" marketing is what all
of the TOP marketers are starting to do. . .

Or… I could go on and on about why this
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But you can just see it all for yourself here