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Have You Backed Up Your Income Streams?

Written By: mirrror - Jul• 18•12

In online marketing, income streams are crucial to keeping the proverbial head above water. But what if something happened and you lost access to everything on your computer? Would your income streams continue to work for you? Or would you have a tough time accessing important documents and emails?

Let’s discuss how we can prevent catastrophic losses to our valuable data.

  1. Move your email to Gmail. Stop downloading your emails to your hard drive! Your hard drive takes a lot of abuse, and one power surge could take your data and scramble it up faster than Humpty Dumpty’s brains after a fall! Gmail has redundant data centers all over the world, and the backups of the backups mean that you will be able to find that login url by doing a quick search.
    Gmail is free and you get almost unlimited space for your email. You can import all of your previous emails and reply to emails using the email address that the message was sent to.
  2. Use online document storage like Google Docs or Windows Live. These are great ways to keep your documents safe and away from your main computer. The online editing programs are almost as good as the ones you use on your computer, but you can always work on them on your PC or MAC and then store them on the Google Drive. Other services are also available to give you an online storage space for your documents.
  3. Use an Antivirus program to protect your files and your hard drive. Too many times I receive emails telling me that if I get an email from Bill Gates that says “You Just Won Free Software For Life,” that it is really a virus and I will lose my hard drive if I open the email…
    I use Avast Antivirus free edition, and it has saved my butt many a time.
  4. Back up your PC or MAC’s hard drive daily. Purchase an external hard drive and some backup software and take the time to do a nightly backup.

Yeah, I do 2 out of 3 myself… number 3 was always my downfall, until I ran into MYPCBackup… it made it impossible for me to forget to back up my PC. I just install the software on my computer, and then tell the program which files or folders to back up and what time to start backing them up. That way, it does not interfere with my work schedule – yes, I actually call what I do on my computer work…

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mypcbackup Have You Backed Up Your Income Streams?MyPCBackup is the newest sponsor of Blogging With Micheal, my popular weekly Internet Radio Show. Consequently, I purchased a copy of this myself (I got the Unlimited plan with an extra license for my laptop) to make sure that this was a good enough product to offer on Blogging With Micheal.

Income Stream From The Backup?

Yes, you can actually create a very lucrative income stream from this using a method that one of my friends has developed. He can take a $6 a month product and increase commissions 500 – 700%! Watch the video on this page: http://ultimate.cashblueprintblog.com/earn-500-a-day-the-easy-way/

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