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Video Genesis–Making Videos Like A BOSS!

Written By: mirrror - Jul• 10•13

video genesis Video Genesis–Making Videos Like A BOSS!

You knew it was coming, and here it is! Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins have completed their free video training series and are now ready to move from the free training to the meat and potatoes. They have helped a lot of people with the free training, but you know there is always a lot of detailed training that would not be reasonable to give away for free.

So Mike and Andy have put it all into the Video Genesis course. For a LOT less than $1500 (which is what I thought this course was going to sell for), you are going to get the training that will turn you from a video noob to a video professional. Well, you have to put the training into practice, to get any benefits from it.

So if you have always longed to have awesome, professional looking videos that make people take notice, then you should look at Video Genesis:


To your success,

Micheal – WSOInsiders.com

PS – I am going to give 6 months of weekly one on one coaching for anyone who buys this from my link. Make sure you contact my help desk to let me know you are claiming the bonus.


Flipping Amazon Sites?

Written By: mirrror - May• 29•13

300x250 Flipping Amazon Sites?Whether you’re an experienced marketer or totally new to internet marketing, it’s hard to get started on any one business model without solid, actionable steps, right? More often than not, when a ton of info is thrown at you, information overload takes over and paralyzes you!

I have a friend – Lisa Gergets – who is an internet marketing coach, and one of her main business models is building and selling Amazon minisites, and teaching others to do the same. So you may be asking, “Why Amazon minisites?” Well here are just a few of the reasons this particular business model is so profitable:

  • Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world – they literally have everything!
  • Creating these minisites is quick and easy and you don’t need any technical knowledge at all!
  • You don’t need to promote the sites – simply build them, and sell them. This is great if, like Lisa, you’re not crazy about the site promotion game.

Lisa has created Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits – a 30+ video series outlining every single step to the system that she, herself, takes to research, create, and then sell these sites! And she sells between 5 and 10 of these each week. Imagine what that could do for your bottom line!


Now, Lisa normally sells this course for $97, but she’s agreed to lower the price to just $9.95 – but only for a limited time.

Listen, if you could convince a site-flipping expert to give you hours of their time for less than ten bucks, wouldn’t you owe it to yourself to do that? Get in on Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits now before it goes back up to $97!


Fitness Home Based Business Opportunity For Fun And Profit

Written By: mirrror - Mar• 04•13

If you were to start a fitness home based business, what would you want it to have?

First, this business would need a product that people wanted to buy. A search of Google shows me that millions of people search for some form of fitness product every day. In fact, it is one of the most searched for items on the Internet. People are tired of having too much body. They want to slim down and feel better. We have a product here that will help them lose weight if used on a regular basis.

Second, this product would need to be affordable so that most people who want it can buy it. Let’s face it, paying $179 a year for a gym membership or $200 a month for diet foods is pricey! But what about a product that costs $24.95? And if you were to get paid 100% commissions for that $24.95, the deal would be pretty good, right? Well, this is a product that helps people lose weight and it only costs $24.95 and you can get 100% of the commissions. Pretty cool right?

Third, this business would have to be inexpensive to operate. If you look at the typical Gym, it costs a few hundred thousand to open the doors. Then you also have to pay for the rent, the electricity and the maintenance. Add employees and you are looking at another $20,000 a year. Our business delivers the product electronically to your customers without your involvement. It costs $24.95 to join, then you pay a $19.97 per month maintenance fee for the website (by the way, when your customers sign up, they are offered this business and you get 50% of their maintenance fees paid monthly) and an optional Elite membership that gives you 7 trial accounts that you can give away to people as a trial so you can earn even more commissions for just $97 a month – and if your prospects buy the Elite membership, you get 50% commissions every month on that as well. How can you compare this to any other fitness business?

Fourth, it has to be able to support customers without my involvement, in case I want to go on vacation. When a customer signs up for your program, you will be giving them access to a complete support network – including a social network designed for people to encourage each other to keep on using the product. This social network is the glue that keeps many members in even after they have achieved their weight loss goals.

If you want to know more about this Fitness Home Based Business and see if it is a fit for you, simply come over to 7x3wo.com and see for yourself how lucrative a home based business this can be!

Why Don’t YOU Blog Like CNN, ABCNews, AllTop?

Written By: mirrror - Feb• 24•13

You can!

Its AMAZING that more website owners and marketers are
NOT using the same strategy that sites like CNN, AllTop,
ABC News, and Huffington Post are using…

…to drive MILLIONS of visitors to their sites each month!

It’s called CURATION!

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Google is absolutely loving sites that use this strategy
…SKYROCKETING organic rankings and SERP traffic.

CurationSoft 2.0 JUST went LIVE (at a 50% discount)

This is a MUST to have in your marketers toolkit, as
over 6500+ members are utilizing this software to discover,
review, and publish curated content.

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Curate Content from Multiple Sources:

-  Google Blog Search (popular blogs)
-  Blekko Blog Search
-  Blekko News
-  Twitter (status updates)
-  YouTube (video)
-  Google News (mainstream news)
-  Flickr (images)
-  Wikipedia (wiki content)

The Drag + Drop interface, allows you to aggregate text,
video, images, microblog updates to your website/blog…

CURING your need for updated, high-quality content!

For 7-Days ONLY, CurationSoft 2.0 is launching at an
unbelievable discount!

Its on a dime-sale, so the price keeps going up the
longer you wait.

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5 Steps To Profit Review

Written By: mirrror - Jan• 30•13

image 5 Steps To Profit Review

I received a review copy of 5 Steps To Profit and after spending some time looking it over, I am ready to give my honest opinion of the course.
If you are new to Internet Marketing, this course will walk you through the entire process of getting yourself set up for success. Ross shows you what you need to get started and then gives you the steps that you will need to follow once you are set up.

If you have been around the block a few years, you won’t find any revelations, but for newbies, this course is solid. The bonus squeeze pages are professional looking and compelling – they will help you get started quickly – without having to learn HTML.

I personally have to constantly tell myself to look at the content and not worry about typos when I look at WSO‘s, and in this case, I had to do that as well. I never made any money correcting someone’s mistakes – but I have made money following their instructions. This product will give you the instructions you need to TAKE ACTION.

I can tell you that anyone who buys this and takes action with it will get results. The amount of action will determine the amount of results. Plain and simple.
If you are not building a list yet, then I recommend you use this blueprint immediately!

Check it out yourself:


Micheal Savoie